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I live in Ukraine. There is a war going on in my country now. And I decided to transfer 65% of the sale of paintings to support the Ukrainian army

Glowing Brugmansia

The painting is painted in watercolor.

I really like the pictures on the black background.


I wanted to draw this brugmansy to highlight the tenderness and brightness of the petals.


The painting will decorate your home, add a little summer to your life.


I painted the picture with pleasure. I hope you will feel it.


The size 21.5cm * 15cm / 8.5inch * 5.9inch.


After payment the picture will be sent within 5 days.

Price: 80 euro

About me

  About me

Nataliia Zasornova, artist

Welcome to

Nataliia Zasornova.Art!

   Let me tell you a little bit about myself. 

I was born and live in Ukraine and have been painting for 3 years. 

   On the eve of Christmas 2020, I decided to take part in a marathon to paint a holiday card for my family.

   And I was so fascinated by it that I started studying, taking various courses in pencil and watercolor painting.

   Botanical painting, portraits, landscapes - this is the universe where I can show the beauty around me as I see it.

   And to do it as realistically as possible.

I am fascinated by the petals of flowers through which the sun shines, the glitter of water, the variability of clouds, the shadows on a child's cheek, and many more details that people pass by every day without noticing. 

   In the Gallery section, you can choose a unique painting for your home or as a gift for a loved one.

I want my guests to have the feeling that they can walk through a field in my painting, plunge into the sea, and pick a fresh flower.


I will be glad if you feel my message.

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